Isabelle Andrivet, the Scriptwriter

Isabelle Andrivet co-scénariste ICARE film


Ambidextrous and polyglot, Isabelle Andrivet is a pluralistic artist on a singular path. At a very young age she discovered the world of theatre – its plays, its stages, saw behind the curtains – and found her personal equilibrium there. After studying Applied Foreign Languages in Paris and Berlin, she enriched her university experience with a Master’s degree in Journalism and Communication in Marseille, where she now lives.

Translation, writing, training, singing, and even hypnosis are all part of her professional life. Unsurprisingly, she did not hesitate in the least to take wing for the adaptation of the myth of Icarus, for which she is the screenwriter.

As comfortable in front of a blank page as behind a microphone, Isabelle handles words, their meaning and their music, with intelligence and delicacy, and is enthusiastic about having her pen and voice as her “creative allies”.