André Dziezuk, the Composer

Andre Dziezuk compositeur ICARE film


André Dziezuk is a Franco-Luxembourgish classically trained musician who studied in the conservatory and the university of musicology in Metz. Driven by an insatiable curiosity, André Dziezuk explored a wide variety of different styles (classical music, jazz, electro, rock) before launching into film music in 1999 with “A LOVE AFFAIR” (F. Fonteyne).

Since then he has composed the original scores for over 30 feature films, including “ILLÉGAL”, “EGON SCHIELE”, “COLONIA”, “TEL AVIV on FIRE” and “LOST BULLET”.

His compositions combine elements of orchestral, acoustic, electronic, and synthesised genres, developing distinctive and immersive musical scores.

His score for “TEL AVIV on FIRE” was awarded “Best Music” at the Cinemed Festival in 2018 and he received the Luxembourgish Filmpraïs for “Best Music” in 2021. The same year this movie also earned him a nomination for the ECSA “Camille Awards” (European Composers and Songwriters Alliance).

André currently teaches oboe and computer music at the music school of Dudelange (Luxembourg).